How can we deliver a better team presentation?

How can we deliver a better team presentation?

Team presentations are probably the worst types of presentations that most of us have endured. That includes our experience as an audience member and as part of the team.

Why are team presentations so bad?

Often the audience is confused. Instead of listening to the presentation the audience is pondering, “Why are there so many presenters?” “Why is this person speaking now?” “What did that last person say?”

The reality is that many team presentations aren’t a presentation delivered by a team. They’re usually a variety show delivered by a dysfunctional committee.

Unfortunately team presentations are encouraged in colleges and universities as another way to measure student performance. Schools and academics measure what they easily can, not necessarily what’s important.

So the recent generation of business graduates has been trained to deliver useless team presentations because their professors marked them on that.

Here are the three biggest mistakes that team presenters make.

1 Everyone that worked on the project speaks.
2 Every team member has equal speaking time.
3 All team members look, sound and feel the same to the audience.

The big mistake is the mistake of equality and sameness. The reality is that all team members are not equal. If that were true then you don’t need the team. The reality is that each team member should be good at different things that are beneficial to the team.

The worst team presentations have no leader.

Here are five guidelines for a successful team presentation:

1 Decide on the purpose of the presentation and the key message needed to      achieve that.
2 Trim the number of presenters to the minimum needed for the best chance of success.
3 Limit each presenter to the least time to get their message across.
4 Make it crystal clear to the audience why each presenter is speaking.
5 The other team members can attend as a show of strength and to address questions.

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