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How should I close my presentation?

close your speech

How should I close my presentation?

The close is an important part of your presentation even if it is only 5 to 10 percent of the duration.

It’s important because it is the last thing that people hear – and hence the thing they might remember best. For that reason you need to deliver a strong and memorable close to your speech.

Here are three effective ways to close:

1. Summarize your key points. This works well when you have three to five points.
2. Repeat your opening phrase. This works well when the opening phrase was provocative. This style of close seems to tie everything together.
3. State your call to action. This is a simple yet highly effective close because most of the time the purpose of your speech is to persuade people to act.

Be sure to look at your audience when delivering your close. You should not read your close. You need to be connected with them in these final moments.

After you have delivered that closing statement, pause and look confidently at your audience. Accept the applause if you are so lucky. If no applause, walk confidently to your seat.

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