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How to use a flipchart


How to use a flipchart

When you write on a flipchart, stand on the side that allows you to write without turning your back completely to the audience. They don’t want to stare at your backside while you’re writing.

Where to stand
If you are right handed, stand on the left side of the flipchart so you only need to make a quarter turn to write on the chart. If you are left handed, stand on the right side for the same reason.

If you are putting words on the paper, be sure to print neatly and large. Slow down to print neatly. If you’re uncertain how large to print, test your printing before people are in the room. Print on the paper then stand at the back of the room to see for yourself.

Wide lines
Use chisel-point markers and print with the widest edge so people can read it easier.

Use dark colors for words or numbers – black, navy blue and dark green work best. Use red for underlines, circles and boxes to draw attention to certain parts. Don’t use red for words or numbers because it’s more difficult to read. Avoid pastel and fluorescent colors because they are difficult to see and often annoying.

Don’t write on the bottom third of the page because people behind the first row might not be able to see it.

Writing pad
Check the writing pad before you start to ensure that there are enough pages for your presentation.

A flipchart is still a useful presentation aid for facilitating a session with a small group. Pay attention to the details to do it well.

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