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  • Executive Speech Coach
  • Best Selling Author
  • Award-winning Radio Show Host

George Torok Bio

Shy & Introverted Student

George Torok was a shy and introverted student who experienced the anxiety and embarrassment of public speaking. He learned how to speak more confidently and competently. It was a journey, and he is delighted to share his lessons and optimism with others.


George can appreciate how you might feel when facing challenges with public speaking. He understands because he wasn’t a natural. He is fascinated by how we communicate and often miscommunicate. His mission is to help more people like you boost your public speaking confidence and improve your communication skills.

Professional Public Speaker

George has delivered presentations to audiences on three continents over the past 25 years. He has spoken to audiences from one to over 1,000.

Ongoing Learning

The journey hasn’t finished for George, because he continues to challenge himself and seek out more learning. He continues to read books about communication, he watches videos and presentations with an analytical perspective, and connects with other communication experts.

Podcast Host

George hosts the podcast, Your Intended Message, the podcast about how we communicate and how to do it better. Listen to the conversations with other experts from the global community for more perspectives, ideas, and tips on effective communication.

Social Media

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